Mother Cabrini Statue NYC

On Columbus Day, October 12, 2020 Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York City unveiled a new statue of Mother Cabrini overlooking The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Mother Cabrini was faced with insurmountable challenges when she arrived in New York City in 1889. For Italian immigrants there was no school, no money, deadly diseases and little healthcare. Gov. Cuomo, who spoke at the unveiling ceremony, linked Cabrini’s life to contemporary troubles.

“Today the lesson of Mother Cabrini is even more vital because of the difficulties we are facing,” he said at the unveiling. “We all know these are challenging times, but as we also know in the book of life it is not what one does when the sun is shining that tests...but it is what one does in the fury of the storm.”

Listen to Governor Cuomo and the unveiling of the Mother Cabrini Statue in NYC.