March 24 Webinar

“Dreaming of a Single Human Family"  

Sponsored by:

The National Shrine of St. Frances X. Cabrini, Chicago, IL in collaboration with

The Cabrini Retreat Center, Des Plaines, IL

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         WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24, 2021

         9:00 am MST/10:00 am CST/11:00 am EST

         “Immigration from the Perspective of the Cabrinian Charism"

         Highlighting the focus of Cabrini University Wolfington Center

          We will discuss some of the ways that the Wolfington Center at Cabrini University puts
         our commitment to solidarity with migrants into practice and look for ways that
     participants in the session can find new opportunities for engagement in their own communities.
         Initiatives include a middle school mentoring program with newly arrived
         immigrants in Norristown, PA; immigration simulations through our
         CRS Ambassadors chapter; and a grant-funded faculty cohort focused on migration.



Raymond Ward PhD Cabrini University

       Raymond Ward, PhD

      Dr. Ray Ward is the Director of the Wolfington Center at Cabrini University
   He earned a PhD in Christian Ethics from Boston College,
   writing on the concept of collective moral agency and responsibility in the Christian tradition.
   He serves as an advisor to several student-run organizations and also teaches the
  Faith, Service and Advocacy and College Success Seminar.

Dr. Ward can be reached at: